Friday, April 16, 2010

So... study break?

I've finally realised how much I miss you guys. Sob. All this med this is starting to get to me. I think I'm having a nervous breakdown. No not really, I just like the attention of pretending to have one. 

ANYWAY, I'm going back to Adelaide tomorrow morning. How fun; 5.00am wake up yeah! And the fact that I'm returning to hours and hours of hardwork and study and muddy water and slow internet. Damn that get the blood pumping. I don't know. I think the holidays have made me somewhat apathetic: I can't be stuffed doing anything. Or it could be the sleep deprivation. 

As for holiday study, I can't say I didn't do any. But I just haven't done enough. 

In fact, heres a list of the stuff I DID do:
  • catch up with friends
  • form a band
  • crash Melbourne uni
  • a bit of homework
  • and um... that's about it
How sad. I think I'll go for a run now. BRB TTYL LOL BATBYGOBSTOPL!

--- *run run run* ---

OK! That was totally gay. I think I swallowed a fly. o___O And now I'm all hot and sweaty...

So anyway! Where was I. Yes, leaving Melbourne tomorrow. Again. Tonight's going to be the last time I sleep in my own bed, for a while at least. Because I'm going to be sleeping with your mum for the next month or so. On an unrelated note, I think living with my parents has dropped my maturity level a couple of notches. Probs because of the lack of responsibility? Which reminds me, I never fully realised that I had "moved out" of home. I thought it was more of a "lets-temporary-live-here-until-I-finish-uni" kind of thing. I always thought "moving out" would be more dramatic, you know, with tears and parties and champagne and everything. And a car too, all wrapped up with a cute little tag signed "from mum and dad with love". And I'll be like 30 as well, with enough money to retire. And the only reason I'll be leaving home is to live on my private island with fully furnished casino and space station included.
Huh. A major whose reality moment there.

Instead moving out is kinda like, oh are you sure you want to go to adelaide son? YES! I WANT TO DO MED NOW, NOT DO 3 YEARS OF BIOMED THEN GAMSAT WHICH I WILL COMPLETELY FAIL AND NOT END UP DOING MED! are you really really sure? we'll support you whatever you choose. WELL GODDAMN SUPPORT ME NOW. are you sure you want to go to adelaide though? its ok if you choose biomed. FRIGGING NO. ADELAIDE NOW. are you sure ke-wun? we'll give you a car... UM. UHH. UM. NO MED FIRST! THEN CAR! are you sure? (repeat ad nauseum)

But yes. Eventually I got out of home. And so far its been pretty awesome. Though at one stage I thought I missed home. (are you sure you want to go back ke-wun?)

So anyway, time to pack.


Bill said...

Good to know that you chose Adelaide yourself. I always thought your parents applied some pressure at least. Well Pingu, I'm sure you'll emerge a 'better man' (remember that song for speech night? lol) after living by yourself for a while.

Lately I've actually been feeling rather bored with uni life and Melbourne. Too bad we can't do an exchange for a stint lol.

Kevin said...

Woah Bill, have you been camping my blog! =O

Well yeah, I think when my parents realised I was serious about "moving out" they kind of panicked. Despite pressuring me to do med my whole frigging life.

So yeah. Too bad we can't exchange lol. What I wouldn't give for less stress!

OJ said...

WHAT. YOU'RE BACK. AND YOU DIDN'T EVEN BE LIKE, "Let's go to Monash to visit OJ"? :O </3

Kevin said...

I totally thought about crashing monash. Its just that well... med got in the way. >_<

Seriously I shouldn't even have gone to MelbU. Its just that monash is so far away T__T

I'm so behind on study its almost funny.