Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Life is one big study sess

So I've been working my arse off lately. Hell, I shouldn't even be blogging right now. But whatever, LIFE CAN WAIT>>>>>>

Another Random Gratuitous Picture

Why does XKCD always manage to crack me up?

My completely eventful day today

12.01am - realise that it is 12.01am, fuck
12.14am - drink 3rd bottle of iced coffee
12.30am - download eBooks on ECG, hardcore study ECG
1.24am - realise that I havn't finished Case Based Learning issues
1.40am - yawn.
2.15am - print out CBL issues
2.16am - prepare to sleep, remember that i have a bio tute later that day
2.17am - climb out of bed. do tute questions.
2.48am - take a really really long leak (it was 3 bottles ok)
2.51am - find the printer jammed up. unjam printer. sleep.
6.45am - wake up
6.50am - turn off snooze on phone
6.55am - turn off snooze on ipod
7.00am - turn off 2nd snooze on phone
7.01am - get out of bed
7.10am - brush teeth, wash face, pour previously boiled water into filter
7.15am - pour cereal, get out bread, prepare tuna, get milk out the fridge, wash lettuce, find bread, find lunch box, pour milk into bowl of cereal, drain lettuce, pour filtered water into a drink bottle, find a spoon and a knife, spread tuna on bread, start eating cereal, put lettuce on bread, close lunch box
7.30am - get out of the house, finish eating cereal
7.40am - get to Klemzig O-Bahn station
7.42am - catch the wrong bus
7.58am - get off bus in a random place in the city
7.59am - look at watch and curse
8.00am - lecture begins
8.01am - start running towards campus
8.05am - get to lecture theatre
8.10am - find a seat in the front row (which shows how much dedication i have for morning bio lectures)
9.00am - lecture ends, walk to med school
9.10am - get to another lecture, sit in 3rd row now
9.24am - start shaking (due to frostbite in the Frigid Florey)
9.31am - lose sensation in extremities
9.57am - lose consciousness
10.00am - extract frozen arse from the chair
10.10am - go outside to thaw
10.15am - go to library and study study study
10.16am - get distracted
11.30am - eat lunch
11.40am - finish lunch, and feel hungry
12.00pm - return to medschool
12.10pm - begin CBL 
12.24pm - get picked on by tutor. Wake up.
12.38pm - get stuck on some random mega mech. on some random obscure bodily function (specifically the action of juxtacapillary receptors in the role of dyspnoea caused by pulmonary oedema due to aortic stenosis which then may precipitate in congestive heart failure)
12.57pm - sigh.
12.59pm - realise that there is another hour of CBL. sigh.
1.28pm - make up some crap about calve cramps being a result of heart failure (heed my warning Steve)
1.34pm - Zone out.
2.34pm - Mentally turn up to bio tute. Realising on arrival that my bio tutors were still stuck in the printer.
2.35pm - Nod and smile. Then zone out.
- two lectures and a yogurt bar later -
5.48pm - Have dinner on Rundle Mall
6.00pm - AUMO (adelaide uni medical orch) start
6.10pm - finish my spicy chicken with rice on Rundle Mall
6.20pm - turn up at rehearsal
6.30pm - play play play play play play play play play play.
7.30pm - finish rehearsal, pack up. 
7.38pm - get to almost Hindley St, shudder.
7.49pm - catch a bus from outside the Royal Adelaide Hospital 
8.00pm - get off at Klemzig station
8.06pm - get stabbed (in my imagination)
8.11pm - get back "home"
8.13pm - change clothes, open new bottle of orange juice
8.14pm - turn on computer
8.15pm - look at and make a list of work that needs to be done. Open MSN. Open mozilla to check out the blogs of friends. 
8.16pm - Check if anyone has commented on my blog. Begin writing blog just for lols.
12.01am - realise that it is 12.01am. Fuck.


maggie said...

hello brother.
poor you.
holidays over here.
lmao sorry. please don't kill me.
are you coming back to melb for easter hols, at least?

OJ said...

I love your timetable. Wanna swap?

hungy said...

as if you have time to actually filter the water AFTER you boil it you rich bastard

Kevin said...

maggie: yes. sorry. um. I don't reply to comments on my blog often?

OJ: Hell yes. You just gotta haul arse over here first.

Hungy: Have you tasted adelaide water before? And do you know how much filters frigging cost? More than the stupid kettle.