Monday, April 26, 2010

The Story Thus Far

Ok. So this post has gotta to be quick. I'm at a secret location in uni, hunched over my tiny laptop, furiously jabbing at these pissy little keys. I have orchestra in 10 minutes and am also scabbing internet off some unsecured network.

The reason I'm not writing this at home is because I don't have internet at my house. In fact, I just moved house. Hurrah! I promise I'll spam plenty of photos of my awesome Ikea-fest room and my massively empty living room. But the fact is, I have my own condo!

Moving in was quite epic. Dad decided to ditch the day after he arrived. Left me alone to DIY all the furniture. Bought a screwdriver from the Reject Shop for $3. It is now broken. I also don't have a fridge, which is really really gay. And I don't have internet. =/

But on the upside, I live in the city, am 5 minutes away from uni and I CAN DO WHATEVER THE FUCK I WANT.

So! House warming party anyone?


ej said...


OJ said...

Dude, make a Facebook event for this shit. Like Kate's but real! :D

Henry said...

During the winter break - everyone crash Kevin's house. ^^

Bill said...

Yep, let's totally crash Kevin's house, and make it memorable a la Cory Worthington.