Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 4

Sigh. Week 4 has just begun. And things are pretty bad. I hate Med. 

Joking, I kid completely.

But seriously, the work load is huge-normous. Much like the size of a severely hypertrophied heart after multiple myocardial infarctions. Frick. Med is getting to me. On the weekend I pretty much studied two days straight - only decided to rest on Sunday at 11.30pm to watch an episode of Big Bang. Oh how I envy Sheldon and his eidetic memory. It would make studying so much easier. And the way he handles awkward situations too... you are my idol Sheldon Cooper (Figure 1). 

Right next to Dr House that is.

Figure 1. Some totally relevant picture to illustrate Sheldon's awesomeness.

Do you know why Dr House is so awesome? Because he has an MD. Damn, those two letters just fit so well together on your tongue. It's like they were destined to be together. Unlike MBBS. *shudder* The word just wants you to cough up sputum doesn't it. MBBS. Ugh. 

So yes. I dunno. I've kind of run out of ideas already. Not that I had any decent ideas to begin with. I'll just like to finish off by saying that some faeces has acutely infarcted upon a rotary blade superior to the cephalic cavity. 

In other words, the shit just hit the fan.


OJ said...

Hang in there with the Med, man. Mid-semester break coming up, you can relax a bit (maybe) and try and enjoy yourself.

Things are alright, over here. I seem to rage a lot these days. Also eating lots of fatty food. All part of my plan to stroke before the age of 23. :D

Bill said...

Great idea, OJ. It would certainly counter our aging demographic if more people terminated at 23. There's some social medicine for you.

Pingu, your weekend I still haven't gotten back into hardcore-study mode, so kudos to you. By the way, apparently all foreign doctors in the US call themselves MD's too, so if you'd kill for a coat that reads "Kevin Lu, MD", you know where to go...

Henry said...

But importantly, come back for Easter! And crash and watch Big Bang together. XD