Monday, February 15, 2010

The Three R's

Resurrection, Renovation and Revamp... tion. That is what this blog needs.
And for you my dearest readers, that is what this blog, dying from acute myocardial infarction, will get.

I have decided to give my piece of internet a new spark of life; restart it's tiny virtual heart, with the defibrillator of my new found status as ©Medkid™®. *Gasp*. That's right folks, a real ©Medkid™®! I can't believe it too right! I'm a real ©Medkid™®!

Shit my nose just grew a little longer. OK, OK. So I'm not really a ©Medkid™®. I'm still just a MedNoob, but I WILL become a doctor one day. Like Dr House! Yes. And like, work in like, Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. And like OMG have sex with all the hot nurses too... yeah. Thats right. Right there. Oh Yeah.


But I digress. The true purpose of this possibly impulsive decision to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation is to breathe life into this potential vessel of verbal emesis. That sentence probably increased my vocab by about 5%. (You suck n-emesis.)

To be brutally honest, I know that med is going to be a long, convoluted road with littered with bumps it's going to look and feel like a pretzel. Since my place is bonded, it's going to be at least 18 years until I can finally do whatever I want i.e. work in a hospital where I get paid to cut open people's brains. And I've heard that the course itself is hellish. Everynight spent studying till 12am, and waking up at 7 to go to lectures. Then more study, and tutes. Then lectures. And lectures. And lectures. Sigh.

But not to worry! I am tank. I have Perseverance. (10 Damage, 5 HP Regeneration, 125% Mana Regeneration).


Wongsta said...

" in a hospital where I get paid to cut open people's brains"

please continue posting kev :)

OJ said...

If your family friend's place doesn't have any decent internet (which it probably won't, knowing our fellow Australians in South Australia), get a job and install it. Priority level: 1/0

Bill said...

ah, back to good ol' trashcan entertainment. if you think you're interested in surgery, maybe this will turn you off: