Thursday, February 25, 2010

Please say ahhhhhhhh!

OK so my week so far has been jam packed full of O week fun! It's been wandering-around-campus-feeling-lost galore! Hurrah. 

So far the message I've been getting from the Adelaide MBBS staff is that they are ABSOLUTELY ANAL about "professionalism" and such. An MLTU (Medicine Learning and Teaching Unit) staff member lectured us, literally, on how important it is to address Professors with "Professor" and send emails with capital "I"s and no spelling mistakes and WE'RE NOT LITTLE KIDS OK, WE'RE SMART ENOUGH TO GET INTO MEDICINE, SO I THINK WE'RE SMART ENOUGH AND MATURE ENOUGH TO SHOW RESPECT WHERE IT IS DUE.

On the topic of maturity however, it seems that MedKid's are the ones that party the hardest. MedCamp is next week and to be honest, I'm scared. The shit that happens at MedCamp is the stuff of legends - young children from all over the world have been threatened with being sent to MedCamp if they don't become REAL DOCTOR'S. Rawrs. I dunno. I've just heard some pretty crazy stories of guys losing all their clothes (and dignity too) after some notorious sexing in the undergrowth and then getting losing their way in their drunken stupor, resulting in search parties from Adelaide being sent up to look for them.

HM. I don't think I've bitched about my timetable yet. 

I'm not sure what you can see, but what I see is a BITCH of a timetable. Monday is a 8am to 5pm day with one hour break in between. That's a 6 hour lecture-fest followed by another 3 hours of fun and games. Oh and following this from 6-7.30pm is Adelaide Medical Students Orchestra (AUMO) practice. FML. Fuck Monday Lah.

Tuesday and Wednesday are also 8-5 days. But on the otherhand, Thursday is my half day of respite, where I can hopefully find time to speel about other aspects of my MedLife. Yay!

So in total, I'm getting something like 28 contact hours a week - somebody please tell me this is less than what MonashKid's get or else I'm going to kick some(bodies) balls real hard. Stupid 5 year courses. @__@

Oh and I met a new MedPhrase today. I was flicking through this anatomy text book (I think) and written at the top of the page was "ANAL WINK". It made my day.


Henry said...

Ironically, Biomedicine at M. Uni is also 22 contact hours a week. Go figure. Take comfort in that I suppose.
(Notice how I'm using *proper* punctuation for this blog comment. XD)

Speaking of which, did anyone ask if you're allowed to put emoti-cons?

Kevin said...

Lol Henry, no actually. Maybe I'll ask on Monday!