Thursday, February 16, 2012

Like a washing machine, we all spin about --

I wrote this title a long time ago, without any content to follow. Now I've gratioutiously decided to use this amazing title, and pair it up with a very average post about DUN DUN DUN my life. (This is supposed to be a trashcan after all right?) 

So, I'm pregnant. I'm also in Third Year, despite the best efforts of our highly esteemed admin staff trying to sabotage us by removing mid year exams. I'm sure I've ranted about it elsewhere. And in similar MLTU fashion, they have yet to release the bandings for our exams DESPITE PROMISING WE'LL HAVE THEM IN DECEMBER. It is now February. Horrid beastly things, MLTU staff. They seem to be paid to do nothing but sit on their bottoms and complain about their workload. Sigh. If only we medical students could do the same... 

So anyway, third year promises to be lots more fun than first or second year. Firstly the fact that we get more than DOUBLE the number of cases and guidelines. Whoppee. So very excited. What IS interesting is that we get let loose on real patients one day a week at various hospitals across Adelaide (yes Adelaide is big enough to sport multiple hospitals, and not, not all the patients are sick due to water related causes). I can imagine the actual Doctor's prescription - Once weekly dosage of medium sized medical student, with food.  

As for the rest of this, it shall remain quite unfinish

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Hungy said...

I lol'ed. And i am looking forward to when this post is finish.