Sunday, July 17, 2011

Part two! (of something or rather)

In my last post, I promised you a couple of things. And now, I plan to break them in true Medkid (yours trully) style. By breaking my promise to break my promises. Yeah!~

So the question was, "How exactly are you spending your time Mr. MedKid???"

Let me see.
  1. gurlfran
  2. procrastinating
  3. gaming (Oh Diablo II, how I have missed thee~)
  4. parkouring
  5. studying
  6. taking pictures
(like here! can you spot my sisters?! There are two of them, I think.)

And the things I SHOULD be doing?
  1. studying *duh*
  2. earning monies
  3. blogging more often sighies 

So this was one of those posts where I had a great idea, wrote a bunch of awesome dotpoints, and prayed to God that the idea would stick in my head. Or even better, perhaps even ferment a bit and blossom into a nice, well rounded, well written post. But it was not to be. Soz, blogger, I have failed thee. But no! There was something important I was supposed to rage about... but I forget what... huh. 

Another QUALITY POST, by MedKid!


Anonymous said...

You badass.
Taking pics with a point and shoot or DSLR?
Link to your flickr account please, thanks :D

My biweekly routine:
- Go to fibercakes
- Scroll down to friends blogs
- See MedKid's blog
- See time elapsed since last post

Medkid said...

I use my dads DSLR whenever I can, I yearn for it when I'm in Adelaide~

But no, no flickr account haha, haven't shot anything decent enough to warrant one.

Perhaps if I got a DSLR of my own though... *cough*