Monday, March 7, 2011

Medical school, round 2

Uni has started and I am once again up to my pits in work. Seriously, there's literally no space to move. But even so, I went to medcamp last night. Good drunken times were had. 

Also, Med tends to suck inspiration, time, and life dry. Who would have thought things could get worse than first year. In light of this, I'm not even going to promise that I'll post again anytime soon. Way too far behind in everything, especially sleep. 

$50 to anyone who invents a consumable form of sleep. 


hungy said...

I believe it's called chloroform. What you really want is a consumable time machine.

Bill said...

Apparently in Germany they're working on this device to make your sleeping time more efficient, i.e. you feel more replenished in a given time of sleep.