Saturday, August 14, 2010

First post written whilst almost drunk

Ok, heres the deal. I just finished a bottle of wine  (roughly 7 standard drinks), and I'm writing a post to try to document my expriences before I forget. Before I get stuck into it, I apologise for any spelling mistakes I am sure to make, for after all, I AM almost drunk.

Ok, so I guess the first question would be how do I feel? The answer is, a little nauseaus, hopefully I don't throw up on my keyboard ^__^". Otherwise, I feel fine. Apart from the way my brain is throbbing and the way my vision is starting to blur. Oh god I need to pee. (news break: alcohol is a diuretic). Also my face is on fire. Next question please.

Why did you drink a bottle of wine?
Becuase I had random bottle of wine to boot. And I almost got drunk last week at pre-drinks. And I'm a med student and absolutely love alcohol. Actually no, scratch the last bit, I've never gotten this drunk before. The fact that I'm typing coherent sentences (I hope) means that I'm not even that drunk (I hope). But I know that I'm not sobre. As suggested by my speeling mistakes. Lol. And use of lol in that last sentence. Frick. I'm drunk. 

Arn't you supposed to be doing homework?
Yes... so?

What will S think?
I'm not sure. Probably that I'm a terrible boyfriend. And that I'm not good enough. Fuck. Yeah, I'm drunk. Bite me.

Why did I drink a bottle of wine?
Huh... deja vu... Cos my vision is starting to go really blurry, and I still need to brush my teeth. And I also needed to update my blog. GOD I NEED TO PEE. 

I hope I actually remember typing this...

Please don't laugh at me too hard.


OJ said...

Excellent work.

Did you end up peeing?

hungy said...

I spot only 2 spelling mistakes. Very good work.

Also, I heard being drunk makes you write rad music. There's some positive incentive for you.

Bill said...

I guess that experiment didn't work too well, coz you managed to stay sober(ish). Next time try two bottles.