Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gene pool party anyone?

So, its been a while since the last time I've come around. You can blame the fact that I was living off 1g of internet a month for the past 2 months or so. It was so sucky. Actually I'm STILL living on 1g/month fml. As a result, here I am at uni procrastinating like a bitch and scabbing "free" internet. Hurrah.

Speaking of hurrah exams are coming up soon! I surprisingly very cbs about it all - got no motivation to do well, I reckon I could pass without studying so why the hell study right? Sigh, but that's just me. Unbeknownst to myself I probably know nothing and am completely retarded. Wait no, that I do know. =__=

But yes, my Lair is pretty awesome right now. All the furniture has been set up (some more dodgily than others *cough* DT *cough*). Most sexily of all it has a couch! Hell yes! I have my own couch! Let the many years of misuse and abuse begin!

So, my life as we know it so far.

Uh yes med. meh. Sleep-wise I've been getting more hours in total on the weekends than on weekdays. I think its called binge sleeping. On weeknights I usually get 3-5 hours. Weekends is epic splurg 10+ per night/afternoon. Also cooking for myself sucks; I forgot to buy bread this week and now have no idea what to eat for lunch - might go "forage" after the next lecture. I tried to cook chicken the other night whilst learning/doing a diarrhoea case, now I'm so paranoid of getting salmonella its not funny. And stuff keeps going off in my fridge which makes my life so damn interesting.  

I think I'm getting the hang of the Adelaidian way of life now; drinking and partying every night into the morning. Having an epic hang over in the morning and not being able to remember a single thing that went on in the past 10 hours. Then going to uni and attending 8am lectures where all the lecturers seem to constantly be on crack. (Insert gratuitious quote: "From an ethical point of view, it is a bad idea to blow off your friends." No duh, cos you'll get mouth warts yeah?)

Oh when I said "drinking and partying" I mean "drinking" cofffee and "partying" in front of my computer with forehead to desk, then Cecil, then desk over and over and over and over again. And hungover cos you know, you get hung over after being smashed like that. 

This post was awefully boring. Sorry. So sleep deprived I can't think straight (I actually think I'm lesbian).


OJ said...

Where's the like button?

Glad to hear you're having "fun" over there :D

Steve said...

Sounds fun XD Can we come visit you in the holidays? ^__^

Henry said...

You know, I kinda actually believed you when you said "partying" and "drinking".

Evidence of what I think of you.

LOL. I kid Kevin. I kid.

Glad you're enjoying med (still).

hungy said...

Cecil is it?

Bill said...

You're visiting Melbourne this winter right?